10 months without facebook

Last summer, I intuitively left facebook, for the second or third time… Without any specific goals, only wanting to learn to be truly in the present, and to value more the company of people in my immediate surroundings. It was inspired by a girl I met at a raw restaurant in Prague. I liked her, and asked if she was on facebook, to keep in touch, and she said she was not, and she didn’t sound sorry about it, she was not afraid to miss out on anything. She was fully in the present and enjoying it. That made me realise, we were there and then, and that moment would not come back, and that was something to cherish!┬áThe first week felt a little empty, I remember. For the rest of the time, I rediscovered reading, mindful sitting, listening, being focused, alert. It was so enriching!

Some of the reasoning behind quitting facebook was driven by fear, fear of wasting time, of not being able to control how I spend my time and of being influenced too much by what info or pictures people publish there, for example wanting to travel and being jealous of friend’s travel pictures.

I would have continued to be off facebook, if not for a project on scuba diving I want to mount with time. And this time, I am way more confident that the fear will not be a factor. It has been a great 10 months without and I am taking that experience with me, and will use facebook very little.

I had also been reluctant to get a smartphone, until I borrowed one from a friend, just to try it out. In the meantime I have been rather spoilt with instant internet access to maps, mail, bus routes and times, and of course, Run Keeper. The time will come to return this smartphone, and I am curious whether I will be able to go back to a simple phone or not.. Run Keeper will be a big question. It is both convenient and inspiring to keep running and keep tracking…

Today I read something of Leo’s about not owning a computer… Something to ponder upon :-)

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